Grammaj _ Audrey / Julie

Grammaj is a publishing house specialized in limited edition prints of special drawings by special people.

We, Audrey and Julie, met when working in the cinema industry 10 years ago and, after taking separate professional paths (one worked in cinema production and the other for a publisher and art gallery), our friendship remained and the idea of Grammaj was born from our love for the art world but moreover for all forms of creation.

Our goal is introducing art lovers – from neophytes to collectors – to a new genre of prints. We ambition to highlight exclusive drawings of architects, designers but also all craftsmen such as fashion designers, landscape artists or pastry chefs, who use drawings as a tool for their creations.
These drawings, often neglected, are the origin of every masterpiece whether the final piece ends up taking a concrete form or not.

This is the work we want to honor at Grammaj. We are interested in the vision the architect has of his building, the representation the chef makes of his plate or how the designer imagines his piece of furniture…

From napkin sketches to patent applications and everything in between, we intend to extract beauty from simplicity through high quality signed and numbered limited editions for collectors to have access to unique objects.

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