Cité Véron

Cité Véron

Cité Véron, a few months ago, we were lucky enough to enter Boris Vian’s apartment.

It was extremely moving discovering pieces of him in every corner of this incredible place.
From his vinyl collection to his music instruments, through the sofa where he was so often photographed… Walking around this apartment, totally remodeled by him with a striking modernity, we felt we understood his mind a little better, the first time and each and every time after that.

We are very proud to present Grammaj’s first born : a lithograph from a Boris Vian drawing.

We want to thank Patrick Vian and Nicole Bertolt who chose to trust us and allowed us to discover a multitalented pataphysican and his hidden talents, including this drawing.

The original etching La Machine à confesser drawn in 1957 announces a society close to the one Boris Vian depicts in his play Les Bâtisseurs d’empire, written in the same year.
It was inspired by Franz Kafka’s novel, La Colonie pénitentiaire, written in 1914.

At Grammaj, the more we look at it, the more we see the details, his intelligence, his vivacity, his avant-garde spirit and his humor and the more we love it.

With this first work, Grammaj takes you into the imaginary world of this artist and his multiple lives: Boris Vian alias Bison Ravi, alias Vernon Sullivan, alias, Baron Visi, alias Vernon Sinclair…

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