Somewhere, during quarantine, Grammaj brainstorms to find new ideas and find out how to reinvent itself during this bizarre time.

The exhibition that took place at Les Deux Magots, showing our two beautiful lithographs from Boris Vian’s original drawings including “La chaise musicale” released for the occasion, was shut down right after the opening leaving our prints sadly hung on the walls of this empty mythical space, closed to the public until further notice.

We don’t know when the activity will resume. Creating, printing, producing, meeting… What can we do to help Grammaj survive and keep offering you new works of art, beautiful creations, original partnerships.

After a few weeks of shooting ideas, brainstorming and trying to make contact with different artists, we finally find the one who will follow us in this next step of our adventure. We prepare our new release for September.

Meeting is complicated, we spend a lot of time on the phone, sending emails until finally, mid June we can meet in person. We discover a little treasure, a sketch book almost entirely drawn during the quarantine. We are dazzled by the poetry and sensitivity that emanate from the pages of this sketch book where everything from the cover, to the paper and the ink was chosen and created especially by and for the artist.

Together, we pick a drawing that we feel represents this time of doubt, repetitive tasks and day to day chores but also shows us the intimacy and beauty that can appear in any given moment and situation.

The lithographs are printed from the original drawing and the artist decides to enhance each one by hand with a touch of color during the summer. Time has been different since March, it streches, it slows down. We wait for every step, learn patience and discover the joys of seeing a project take form with no rush. Every new addition is carefully thought and debated and we are amazed seeing the result every time.

We can’t wait to share it with you in September.

Grammaj’s most beautiful baby, Audrey’s baby, little Joseph, was born on April 14th and even the present context cannot take away the happiness of this wonderful awaited little boy!

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