Interview with Guy Savoy

Interview with Guy Savoy

« Cooking is the art of instantly transforming products full of history into joy » Guy Savoy

The new season of Les Rencontres des Gobelins at La Manufacture des Gobelins kicked off yesterday with an interview with Michelin star chef Guy Savoy.

Besides the intangible cultural heritage, Guy Savoy talks about his very own madeleine de Proust, the langues de chat cookies baked by his mother and which he mentions with stars in his eyes describing the infinite joy it brought him.

When the chef is asked about the comparison between his work and the work of a musician, composer, the connection instantly echoes with us.

For every craftsman it is essential to respect the product in order to transcend it. For example a Bresse chicken can be considered as delicate and precious as a Stradivarius and deserves to be respected as such. In both cases, if the instrument is not respected it won’t be able to bring joy, pleasure and in certain cases even emotion.

For every craftsman it is also about learning the gestures. Guy Savoy talks about “the right gesture”. These gestures often mentioned at Grammaj, like drawing, have to be taught, mastered and passed on so that the creative mind can fully bloom and concentrate on creating a work of art.

Guy Savoy also refers to his well being satisfied by the perfect bite as well as the well being of his guests. This is another common ground between the craftsmen, the architect for example is constantly thinking of the well being of the people who will be in his buildings.

Finally, when the Q&A starts, before we leave, someone in the audience asks, “Could you give us a recipe?” Again, his answer resonates with Grammaj’s artist’s values. The environmental issue in the choice of the product by the chef or the choice of the material by the architect, the quest for simplicity to showcase the product or material or the promise of given, shared and felt emotions whether you are in front of a Boris Vian imaginary machine, an Eric Guérin poetic and tender drawing or Matteo Fantoni’s infinite lines.

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