La Morille du Chef Éric Guérin

La Morille du Chef Éric Guérin

“First morels and artichokes barigoule with cider, spring onions, sea foam…

21st of March and here we are, this morning the spring is finally here and a cool breeze is coming from the sea. I listen in the garden to the birds’ symphony awaking the trees beginning to bud and trying to drag them out of the winter inertia.
The night is over, the cold is over, the time is to light. Wake up the birds say sitting on the lilac branches with the stems ready to bloom with joy to spread the sweet perfume of spring in a lilac shine. The phone is ringing in the kitchen : Hello, I just discovered a carpet of morels, do you want them? It is the first ones and from this region, almost a miracle…

I am already visualizing the little brown buds, I could have said sheep, like the Ouessants hanging on to the tender grass of a glade. Raw green! Like the gracious stems of spring onions that grow near Batz et are only waiting for me, violet in the reflection of the artichokes stems; first edible flowers, impressions of Brittany… What if I cooked them in cider?

It’s missing something to highlight the peninsula, to make my morning emotion complete? I am closing my eyes and letting my mind wonder way above the cottage, where the swallows don’t see the horizon past the blue green extent of Brière, this even deaper blue immensity ; the ocean.
I then delicately lay the sea foam on my spring tableau, fresh, salted and iodine, I can come back to earth.

When the kitchen breathes the life around us, for an ephemeral moment, I capture it for you, to fix it in your memories.”

Éric Guérin, 24th of March 2019

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