Green Screen Black on White


Matteo Fantoni

Green Screen Black on White


Silkscreen on paper Keaykolour Pure white Arjowiggins 300 g
30 ex
50 X 40 cm
Signed and numbered by the Artist
Print sent unframed

20 in stock


Pirelli Green Screen is Matteo Fantoni’s very first « solo » project after leaving Foster and Partners in 2007.

Flexible, changeable, economical, sustainable are Matteo’s well-grounded principles creating an environmental driven design to guaranty a high-end quality volume and a wellbeing structure for those who live in it.

The project is in strong harmony with the urban surroundings and designed respecting the environment with as less technology as possible.

Milan has been in a period of urban regeneration and reconstruction for some years. In a typical geometrical industrial development area, previously known as Ansaldo, changes are being made to create an office headquarters.
The project is an interpretation of traditional industrial architecture and a large span concrete structure enables maximum internal flexibility.

Drawing is a very important part of Matteo’s work and life; Matteo’s drawing skills embrace consciously its design criteria and architectural vision. His skills are a very important way of communicating social evolution values. . While the creative process takes time the drawing itself emerges in a few minutes only. Sometimes the pieces all come together and a vision appears and is instantly set on paper.

As Matteo says himself “My tool is my pencil”.

Grammaj’s very essence is in this idea, it was important for us to show the creative process of an architect to whom drawing is at the beginning of everything that will be built later, a true connection between art drawing and technical drawing. We see, in this drawing particularly, endless lines creating a sense of visual and physical continuity, anchoring it in the past and architectural tradition while looking towards the future and adapting to a new economical, social and environmental context.

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© photos Agathe Tissier

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