The Birth of humanity


Éric Guérin

The Birth of humanity


Felt tip pen and colored pencils
21 x 30 cm
Original drawing signed by the artist
Drawing sent unframed

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« Everything starts with a drawing, a relief, a color, an emotion. I draw, scribble moments of my life, whatever crosses my mind with as much diversity as there are instants. To me, everything has a taste, every emotion a note, a personal touch. I draw on my flavour’s librabry to build my cuisine’s script. Every substance has it’s own interpratation through my language, from water to the sun, the depths, the bitterness, the light, love, a caress etc… Most chefs start from the product to build their plate whereas I look for shapes, textures, colors that will help me tell my story. Products arrive subsequently and I never compromising on quality and provenance of course. »

Eric Guérin is a gifted, sensitive caring Chef and most of all a generous one. He managed to build his personal and very well liked gastronomical world .

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© photos Agathe Tissier

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