Rue du Louvre

Rue du Louvre

Rue du Louvre, ten years ago, around a coffee machine in a large open space.

Julie focuses on films’ international careers at Films Distribution while Audrey concentrates on talents artistic representation at Film Talents.

Stimulating discussions, first about films and artists are quickly followed by ideas about life in general and aspirations.

The morning coffees become lunches and happy hours that delights and exhilarates the debates.

After a few years, we leave, one after the other, this open space that will always remain a special place for us.

It is the beginning of our friendship, our appetite for creation and our common appreciation for the premises of an artwork, whether the project stays at a confidential stage or acquires a worldwide recognition.

Happy hours move across the Seine, the synergy between us grows and our ambitions take shape.

We share the same views on work and the place we’ve always wanted to give artists and their creations.

Julie leaves first and starts developing her art publishing skills at the publisher and art gallery Cahiers d’Art.

Audrey moves to Nord-Ouest films where she works in films production from the birth of the “script idea” to their release.

Lunches and happy hours continue and our wish to bring creative minds together emerges.

We are ready.

Ready to fully commit and shape Grammaj.

Grammaj is born. It is the juxtaposition of many worlds and artworks, which are, at first, not considered as such.

Grammaj is the story of our wonder for hidden treasures.

From our first smiles in that large open space to the birth of Grammaj, we hope we can share with you, through our prints, our insatiable love for creation (wherever it may come from).

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