Rue du Milieu

Rue du Milieu

Giverny, end of March. The Monet’s gardens just opened to the public. The sky is blue and, in the bus driving us from Vernon’s train station to Giverny Monet’s gardens, we are very impatient to meet Grammaj’s first Artist-Chef.

We’ve always been attracted to the world of cuisine and gastronomy.
While we were shaping Grammaj’s concept and the idea of preparatory drawing, Chefs sketches appeared to be an evident choice for us.
How creation takes place? Where does the idea of the recipe come from? What does the plate look like before being made? Is the drawing an inspiration or a tool or both? We wanted these sketches to have a special place in our lineup.

Before our meeting we admire the beginning of spring in the beautiful Monet’s gardens. The tulips are still green and the wisteria is yet to cover the arbors but we have the gardens to ourselves and the usually very crowded Monet’s house is also almost deserted. We love this day already.

We now walk towards rue du Milieu with our portfolio hold tightly under our arm and discover a beautiful blue and white house. It is the Michelin star hotel and restaurant Jardin des Plumes.
The atmosphere here is cosy and welcoming, “we have a meeting with Chef Guérin”, “yes, sure, he’ll be right with you”.
The Chef welcomes us warmly and invites us into his beautiful garden where the artworks are part of the natural environment. He tells us about his story and we immediately see an artist in front of us, an artist of words and colors, an artist full of curiosity and easy to talk to. He shares his precious time between La Mare aux Oiseaux, his first Michelin star establishment in Brière, Le Jardin des Plumes, his various travels and his multiple activities. Yet this doesn’t prevent him from buzzing with great ideas and taking the time for new adventures.

He makes these sketches for his staff, or his birds as he likes to call them.

We realize that his drawings are really a tool at the heart of his creation process.

He gave us his drawings; it is now up to us to share chef Eric Guérin’s sweet and precise sensitivity.

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